Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

One of my favorite old sayings goes like this:

When you are born

You cry and the world rejoices

Live your life in such a way

That when you die

The world cries and you rejoice!

Such a wonderful turn of phrase and such a beautiful sentiment. To die with no regrets, leaving behind scores of people who mourn your departure. The big question comes from the middle line.  “Live your life in such a way . . .” What does such a life look like? How should we live in order die with no regrets having impacted the lives of those around us in positive ways? And is this how I am living today?

These may very well be the most important questions we ever ask ourselves. Questions which invite us to deep reflection on the extent to which our daily living is consistent with our most cherished values. Questions which enable us to see needed course corrections and inspire us to live out the highest expression of ourselves.

On this Monday morning, so full of the promise of new beginnings, may we all envision and embody our very best.

Have a wonderful week!