What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care supports anyone who has an advanced illness during the last six months of life and their families. Care includes medical treatment, integrative services and support services (emotional, spiritual and bereavement counseling, social and volunteer support, caregiver training, assistance with care planning, more).

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care supports anyone who has a serious illness during any time of the illness and their families. Care includes medical treatment, emotional, spiritual and social support and assistance with care planning and coordination with other providers.

Isn’t Suncoast Hospice for People with Cancer?

No. We help people with any type of advanced or serious illness with support through hospice and palliative care. We also provide support for families, caregivers and people who are grieving.

Isn't Suncoast Hospice a Christian Organization?

No. We are a nonprofit community hospice that serves people of all faiths and backgrounds.

What Ages Does Suncoast Hospice Serve?

We provide care and support to all ages from infants to the elderly. This includes support for families who experience a stillborn birth or death of a newborn baby.

What Services Does Suncoast Hospice Offer?

We offer hospice and palliative care to bring physical, emotional and spiritual comfort to people with advanced and serious illnesses, caregiver support, support for children and families, grief support groups and counseling, resources and more.

Who is on a Suncoast Hospice Care Team?

Our care teams may include hospice and palliative medicine board-certified doctors, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed counselors and social workers, spiritual care coordinators, home health aides, durable medical equipment and pharmacy technicians, trained volunteers and others.

May Patients Keep Their Own Doctors?

Yes. Patients may keep their personal doctors while in our care. And for those with Medicare hospice benefits, our doctors can make house calls when personal doctors cannot.

Is Suncoast Hospice Going to Come In, Take Over and Make Decisions?

No. Our care teams work together with patients and their families, doctors and other healthcare providers. Our care teams are guided by what is most important to patients and families and the decisions they make.

Where Are Patients Cared For?

We care for patients wherever they call home or are being cared for – their homes, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

What Help is Available for Families and Caregivers?

Families and caregivers may receive support to help cope with the impact of their loved one’s illness and grief. Our support includes emotional and spiritual counseling, caregiver coffee break support groups, hands-on care training, assistance with end-of-life planning, lending libraries, bereavement counseling and support groups, and more.

What Help is Available for People Who Are Grieving?

Anyone who is grieving may receive support from us any time, even if the person who died was not in our care. Our support includes counseling, support groups, check-in phone calls/visits and information.

How are Suncoast Hospice Services Paid For?

Services are paid for with Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, private health insurance, personal payments, grant funding and financial support from our community.

When is the Right Time to Call Suncoast Hospice?

It is never too soon to call us for help with a serious or advanced illness, caregiving or grief. With one phone call, we can explore your situation and needs and, if appropriate, schedule someone to come out for an at-home evaluation to determine which Suncoast Hospice or Empath Health services would be best for you.

As a Doctor, How Do I Refer Someone to Suncoast Hospice?

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your patient about Suncoast Hospice and all Empath Health service options. Simply fill out the online form or call us at (727) 467-7423.