Honoring Our Jewish Community

As a community-based hospice serving Pinellas County residents for more than 40 years, we recognize the importance of meeting every individual’s needs. We care for and comfort a person’s whole well-being in honor of faith, culture and care wishes.

Pinellas County is home to the second largest Jewish population in Florida. We recognize the rich diversity amongst this community and are committed to respecting their unique beliefs, values and traditions along with supporting their families in these journeys. Our spiritual coordinators and local rabbis and funeral homes work together to provide guidance, relieve suffering and honor the rituals of the Jewish Burial Society after a loved one dies. Volunteers may also be called in for added support.

Certifications and Training
In accordance with Jewish values, we participate in trainings with local and national Jewish organizations to be able to provide the best care and service.

Suncoast Hospice holds the Jewish Hospice Certification through the National Institute for Jewish Hospice and updates our training annually as our certification continues.

Our certified Jewish community specialist represents Suncoast Hospice and our entire Empath Health network of care. This outreach includes developing strong partnerships among Jewish synagogues, organizations, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, funeral homes and other businesses in order to identify needs, build best practices and increase education and access of our programs and services.

Some of these partnerships include Menorah Manor and Toby Weinman Jewish Hospice Program Advisory Board, Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Advisory Council, Jewish Advisory Council for Empath Health, and the Jewish Federation of Florida’s Gulf Coast to name a few.

Best Practices
Our focus is to raise awareness and use of living wills and other advance directives among the Jewish community, which traditionally has had a nation-wide low participation rate with advance care planning.

In December 2017 we completed a research study, The Advance Care Planning Process with the Jewish Community, through the Florida Hospice and Palliative Care Association. This has helped us identify barriers, develop best practices and specialized materials, hold community workshops and presentations, as well as educate our care teams.

Please click here for more information on advance care planning for Jewish families.

Contact Us
To learn more about our Suncoast Hospice or Empath Health services, please contact our Jewish Community Specialist Kelly Siegel at (727) 523-4194 or KellySiegel@EmpathHealth.org.