Empath Health Blog, Jim Andrews

Director of Spiritual Care Jim Andrews

My family and I attended the Sunset Stroll this past Saturday night.  It was a beautiful evening and there were hundreds of people who came to walk and reflect and remember.  The pathway through the beautiful Largo Central Park was lined with luminary candles and every so often we would see a sign which asked a question like, “What are some of your favorite memories of your loved one?”

Each walker had the name of their loved one pinned to their back and I saw old and young, family and friends walking and remembering and laughing together.  As the light faded and we circled back to our beginning, sky lanterns were lit and released, as if to carry our love and laughter up to the heavens.

It was a wonderful reminder of the importance of continuing to remember our lost loved ones.  A time to stop and honor the fact that the impact of those relationships on our lives extends beyond the initial days of crushing loss.  To awaken to the realization that remembering can bring joy and gratitude, and help us to see and celebrate all of the ways that our lives have been enriched and our course forever changed for having known them.

I found myself watching the lanterns floating upwards and whispering in my heart, “Thank you.”

Have a great week everyone!